5 Fun Facts about the Internet

You use it every single day, but how much do you really know about the Internet? You probably know a great deal, but still lack a great deal of knowledge at the same time. We want to combat that, and offer you a look at 5 fun facts about the internet and how you’re able to enjoy it daily.

  1. Sensors

When you use Wi-Fi, the most commonly used Internet source today, you are using a mixture of sensors that enable the broadcast of communication with the web. Without these sensors, browsing the web isn’t at all easy. You can find sensors and learn more about them at http://www.microchip.com.

  1. Digital Sensors

Digital sensors are being used more commonly today, but still have inaccuracies that don’t come with the use of the normal sensor. Using a digital sensor is common within the commercial and business world, but many homeowners are using them as well.

  1. Shop Online

One of the things that people love most about the internet is the ability to shop. You can shop at any store in the world from the comfort of your home, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You can even shop for sensors when you need them, with delivery to your home or business in only a couple of days’ time.

  1. Sensors are Highly Advanced

Most people do not fully understand sensors, how they work, and their importance to your browsing experience. This is partially because the sensors are very complex, and oftentimes of no interest to the average individual.

  1. It Goes Way Back

The Internet has increased in popularity over the past generation, however, it goes back to the 1960s and the MIT College. The first message ever transmitted by the Internet was simply the word ‘Log’ as it occurred after a failed email log-in attempt.